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          What is the performance of the EVA packaging box?

          Popularity:4969Publication time:2018-9-22
          For the packaging of alcoholic products, it must be in line with: to be able to protect the product and meet its value. Many winemakers now spend a lot of time packing in order to better display their products. Liquor products are packed in EVA boxes, which can not only provide good protection for liquor products, but also improve the quality of liquor products. What are the properties of this packaging product?
          1. It has good resilience and can protect the product from being damaged by extrusion under pressure.
          2. As an environmentally friendly packaging product, it can be biodegraded without any pollution and has a good corrosion resistance.
          3. Easy to form, easy to process, has a good plasticity, but also can be printed on the surface, flocking and so on.
          EVA packaging box lining is not only used in liquor products, but also widely used in many packaging industries. It is a very good packaging product with high cost performance.
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