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          How good is the cushioning effect of EVA lining?

          Popularity:4224Publication time:2018-9-15
          In the process of goods transportation, there will be impact effects, usually through some packaging to cushion these shocks. Products without buffering are likely to cause breakage and damage. Nowadays, EVA lining is often used to cushion goods transported. The cushioning effect of EVA lining is very good.
          1. The cushioning effect of EVA material is good, and it can protect the product very well. It will be processed according to the shape and size of the product when it is customized, so that the EVA products can better conform to the shape of the product and achieve better cushioning effect.
          2., it can dissipate a certain impact and reduce vibration.
          3.EVA lining can prevent mechanical damage of products.
          In the process of transportation, usually according to the goods to choose the appropriate EVA lining, so that the entire circulation process has a good protection.
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