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          What are the advantages of using EVA packaging box for tea packaging?

          Popularity:5270Publication time:2018-9-12
          Nowadays, many people like tea, and the time, energy and economy spent on the packaging of tea are more, good packaging products can make tea more than one or two points. Now many gift-giving tea, in the packaging of the majority of the use of EVA box lining, it brings a lot of benefits.
          1. Can set off the role of tea packaging, so that the whole tea packaging looks more graded.
          2. Can protect the product, in the process of transportation if there is a collision or other failures, can be very good protection of tea.
          3. according to the shape of the tea box, design the shape and size of the EVA packing box lining.
          4. easy to process and shape.
          Tea packaging using EVA box lining in the price is more affordable, and the effect is very good, good protection effect, or environmentally friendly products.
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