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          Why does EVA hole appear in the production process?

          Popularity:4054Publication time:2018-9-5
          EVA inner bracket is often used as inner bracket in packaging industry, which can better protect the product from damage and has many excellent properties. As a packaging product, EVA inner bracket has the function of soft texture, safety, environmental protection, affordable price and improving the grade of packaging products. The main causes of porosity in production and processing are:
          1. In the process of production and processing, there is a very small carrier melting index of color masterbatch, and does not conform to EVA material.
          2. if the particles of the masterbatch are too hard, they are not fully wetted and poorly dispersed.
          3. there is impurity in the added masterbatch, and a little impurity will lead to the appearance of pores.
          If you want to solve the problem of the stomata in EVA, you should solve it according to the reasons. This method is simple, effective, but also save money!
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