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          Welcome to Dongguan jieteng Electronics Co., Ltd. official website!

          Jieteng Electronics will participate in the exhibition from April 10 to April 12, 2018

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          The Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center is located in the center of the Pearl River Delta City Cluster - Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. In the middle section of the Xiongsui-Suigang Corridor, it connects Guanghui in the north and Shenang in the south, and faces the Southeast Asia region across the sea.
            The geographical position is superior, the industry cluster is abundant, has achieved the reputation of “the capital of South China industrial exhibition”. After more than ten years of rapid development, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center has already become a famous domestic and internationally renowned industrial exhibition base.
            Over the years, the exhibition center has been awarded the "Best Pavilion for China's Integrated Services", "Top Ten Enterprises of China's Convention and Exhibition Industry", "Top 20 Wealth Recommendation List of China Convention and Exhibition Industry", "China Top Ten Exhibition Company" and "China Top ten brand exhibition venues, and other honorary titles. He has become an overseas member of the Hong Kong Exhibition Industry and Convention Association, a vice presidential level unit of the Guangdong Provincial Business Federation, a member of the China Exhibition Gallery Association, a member of the China Association for Exhibition Economics and a member of the Ministry of Commerce National Urban Trade and Trade Association, and joined the global exhibition in 2004. Association (UFI).

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