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          What are the characteristics of EVA foam products?

          Popularity:3033Publication time:2018-8-22
          In recent years, the more popular packaging products are EVA foamed cotton products, with good protection, cushioning, moisture-proof and other advantages, but also can be recycled. In production, it can be processed by cutting, molding and other methods, because of many advantages, so it can be used in many industries. What are the characteristics of EVA foam products? EVA packing box lining manufacturer tells you:
          1. good protection performance: it can protect products from damage during the transportation of products.
          2. cushioning performance is good: if sudden vibration occurs, it will protect the product very well.
          3. Moistureproof: the characteristics of non-water absorption to protect the product from moisture, or in flood when the product is safe.
          4. good corrosion resistance. No matter what kind of chemical products, they protect the products from corrosion.
          5. it is easy to process and shape, and it can be processed according to the shape of the product.
          EVA foamed cotton products have a wide range of applications, whether in the packaging industry or used for sound insulation or toys, are available. EVA packing box lining
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