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          Color EVA products, make your product more excellent!

          Popularity:4975Publication time:2018-8-18
          As people pay more attention to packaging, they not only need to be able to protect the product very well, but also require a good appearance, which can make the product look grade. Color EVA products are used to pack some more valuable products, color EVA inner support can protect the products, shock-proof.
          Color EVA products have a good cushioning effect, will be better than those ordinary packaging materials, and easier to protect the product, so that the product is not easy to break. Color can be designed according to the color of the product, which is very ideal in the packaging of valuable products.
          Colored EVA is often used in jewelry, handicrafts, gifts, wine and other products, because can be customized according to the requirements of the product, so it is also very popular with these manufacturers.
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