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          What is high elastic foam?

          Popularity:3634Publication time:2018-8-15
          High elastic foam is very commonly used so far and has a good protective effect. High elastic foam cotton is based on EVA added rubber, so that the elasticity of foam cotton is better, with good tear strength. It has a lot of advantages. Today, Jay Teng, EVA, Dongguan, tells you its advantages:
          1., it has better elasticity and tear strength than ordinary EVA products.
          2. Stronger corrosion resistance, whether it is seawater, oil, acidic and other chemicals can have a good protection against corrosion.
          3. processing is convenient, toughness is also very high.
          4. can be used at any temperature, very excellent.
          High elastic foam cotton has a wide range of applications, often used in precision instruments, mechanical equipment buffer and other products.
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