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          Popularity:5198Publication time:2018-8-8
          EVA inner bracket is a kind of product which is processed from EVA material and used in packaging. It can protect the product from damage very well. It has a variety of production processes, domestic and foreign production processes are not the same, the specific knitting to give you a brief introduction.
          1. The domestic production of EVA inner bracket was initially produced by pressure suspension polymerization and high pressure continuous bulk polymerization, and now it is directly molded.
          2. the methods of polymerization are mainly used in foreign countries, including four kinds of high pressure bulk polymerization, solution polymerization, emulsion polymerization and suspension polymerization.
          No matter what kind of production process, the role of EVA inside can not be ignored, its sound insulation effect is very good, and can be very good to protect the product from corrosion.
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