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          Popularity:3147Publication time:2018-8-4
          Packaging materials in our daily life, no matter which product is packaged, it is very important, packaging materials have many kinds of material, such as metal, glass, plastic, carton and so on. It can be said that carton is the most common packaging material at present. Of course, cardboard boxes are basically as external packaging materials, there are some non - wrestling items or the need for internal packaging, the inner packing is the lining, the lining of the material is also a lot, at present there are paper lining and EVA packing box lining. What are the requirements for packaging materials?
          1. the packaging industry is developing fast and with great demand, so the price should be substantial.
          2. the safety performance is better, the requirement is harmless and tasteless.
          3., packaging should be used in order to improve work efficiency.
          4. can protect the goods very well.
          5., we must have good anti cushioning, anti pressure, tear resistance and so on.
          There are many kinds of packaging materials. When choosing, the suitable materials should be selected according to the packaging items.
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