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          How about the egg EVA?

          Popularity:5191Publication time:2018-7-7
          Eggs can be used to give or eat. When you deliver people, you can use the corresponding packing box to pack, which makes you look more comfortable. The most common eggs in gift boxes are egg EVA inner tray, good quality and widely used. The benefits are:
          1. it is non-toxic and tasteless, and it can protect eggs better during the use.
          2. density is small, so it will neither absorb water nor absorb heat.
          3., it is not easy to burn, and the product is well protected and corrosion-resistant.
          4. during the use, eggs will not deteriorate due to the weather.
          The egg EVA inner tray stands out in many internal packages, which is very easy to get through when it comes to the outer packing box. And the remaining EVA can serve as a flowerpot to grow flowers.
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