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          Application scope of anti static EVA

          Popularity:3339Publication time:2018-6-22
          Anti static EVA in our life is very much, of course, not familiar with this material is not clear, after all, the production of material is special, and the role is more special. So today, the EVA manufacturer will tell you something about this kind of anti-static EVA lining, so that you can have a better understanding.
          1. the most common in the packaging industry is the anti static EVA inner support, lining and so on, because of its small density, good elasticity, in the use process can protect the product, and waterproof fire prevention, is a rare packing good helper.
          2. in the warehouse, most of the warehouse environment may not be very good, this time you can use anti static EVA as a base to place the product, with a good protection.
          3. in fact, many people have not noticed that the appearance of some lines will be wrapped on anti-static EVA, and mostly black, so few people will pay attention to it.
          The antistatic EVA inner support, anti-static EVA base and wire packaging industry will adopt this anti-static EVA product, with good quality, good protection and relatively easy processing.
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