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          The main application areas of EVA foam

          Popularity:3559Publication time:2018-4-10
          EVA foam and EVA mats are mainly used in automobiles, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, household appliances, engineering refrigeration and refrigeration and freezing, etc.; lining materials for skates, sports shoes, sports insoles, back cushions, surfboards, Mats; base materials for high-end EVA foam tape products; thermal insulation materials for ice storage, cold-proof buildings, light roofs, and building installations; automotive seats, automotive interiors, roofs, foot mats, and sun visors Electronic products, precision instruments, instruments and other electronic products such as shock buffer packaging and other wide areas. Automotive electronic parts, air conditioning and refrigeration accessories, cold storage insulation materials, machine equipment sealing buffers, heat setting parts, various precision instruments, medical knives, measuring tools, packaging lining, sporting goods, etc.
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