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          Welcome to Dongguan jieteng Electronics Co., Ltd. official website!

          Congratulations on the opening of the JieTeng electronic website!

          Popularity:3558Publication time:2018-4-9

          To establish a brand-name product image, to facilitate the user to quickly understand the products and services of Dongguan City Jieteng Electronics Co., Ltd., Dongguan City Jie Teng Electronics Co., Ltd. entrusted Dongguan Millennium Network Technology Co., Ltd. (www.qiandukj.com) a new production The website is now fully operational.

               Today, it is the date when the website of Dongguan Jieteng Electronics Co., Ltd. was formally updated. In the past 11 years, Dongguan Jieteng Electronics Co., Ltd. has gone from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, from single mode to multi-directional expansion. In recent years, it has achieved leaps and bounds.

               Through the establishment of an internet site, we have enhanced the company’s own image, displayed company’s products, promoted corporate culture, strengthened internal and external communication and exchange, and enhanced public service capabilities. At the same time, more people learned about the products that our company operates and put us in business. Products are applied to various industrial fields. By gradually establishing a perfect corporate website, the website becomes an important service window for companies on the Internet.

               Welcome new and old customers and friends to browse the company's Web site, and provide valuable advice! Thank you

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