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          How good is the anti-static ability of the EVA lining?

          Popularity:3522Publication time:2018-4-17
          We all know that the EVA lining has the advantages of good cushioning, earthquake resistance, heat insulation, moisture proof and chemical corrosion. As a kind of EVA lining which can package electrical and metal products, the anti static ability is also very good. The anti static value of the EVA lining is 104-109 Omega /sq. Now let me talk about other advantages of anti-static EVA lining.
          1.EVA lining has anti static ability, anti static and anti static EVA is closed foam cotton. In the process of forming EVA lining, the conductive carbon powder filler is added, so the anti static ability is very good.
          The 2.EVA lining has not only anti-static capacity, but also cushioning, shockproof and other properties.
          The 3.EVA liner has the advantage of easy forming, so it can perform two processing very well.
          EVA lining has anti static ability, so the packaging of electronic products that easily produce static electricity in the production and assembly line of LCD panel, 3G terminal, computer / especially the notebook computer, optoelectronic components and PCB board is very popular with the producers.
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