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          Production process of EVA lining

          Popularity:3898Publication time:2018-4-17
          As the packaging lining, EVA lining has many advantages, such as antistatic, waterproof, fireproofing, shockproof and resilience. It is very popular among consumers from all walks of life. EVA lining in the production process, the general use of machines, integrated production and production, today, EVA lining manufacturers to explain what the production process of EVA lining.
          1., no mould is needed in the production process, so it is simple and convenient to change contents.
          2. products without glue marks, all blend into one harmonious whole, with 3D effect
          3., the double color electrothermal benzene free composite structure is adopted. The color of pearl cotton packaging is clear and variable, and it is more convenient to pick and place products, and a variety of colors are available.
          With the development of science and technology, the development of EVA lining packing field has a great breakthrough in the industries such as automobile, ice cabinet, household appliances, surfboard, kneeling, and so on, because it has non-toxic and non absorbent, and meets the environmental requirements. The EVA lining is colorful and can be added in any shape. Work.
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