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          What are the features of the toolkit EVA lining?

          Popularity:3797Publication time:2018-4-16
          With the development of the society, EVA material as a safe, environmental, pollution-free green packaging EVA lining material, EVA has a lot of use, such as toolkit EVA lining, computer package EVA lining, clothing EVA lining and so on. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about those characteristics of the toolkit EVA linings.
          1. pollution-free
          Antiseptic, nontoxic, tasteless and pollution-free
          2. production process is simple
          It can be processed by hot pressing, cutting, gluing and laminating.
          3. good performance
          Good springback, high resistance to pressure, shock proof, fire prevention, etc.
          4. heat insulation and cold resistance
          Heat insulation, heat absorption, water absorption, high temperature resistance and cold resistance.
          The above is the characteristics of the EVA lining of the kit, and the EVA lining is also very popular in other industries.
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