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          How to engrave the special EVA lining?

          Popularity:3870Publication time:2018-4-14
          Many times, some customers' products are not conventional products, they need some special packaging materials for packaging. The special-shaped EVA lining is a kind of processing product developed to meet different customers' requirements. There are many kinds of different EVA EVA lined packing, which need to be processed by the manufacturer. Most of them are carved to meet the detailed requirements of customers. The special-shaped EVA lining and the ordinary EVA lining have the functions of protecting products from damage, shockproof, waterproof and fire prevention. The special EVA lining can be processed according to different product requirements such as plane carving, relief, multi side carving, stamping and shaping. The special-shaped EVA lining is carved and formed.
          1.EVA engraving, two kinds of engraving, including the bottom and the bottom.
          2.EVA carving products can form product form without paste.
          3., extruded EVA lining products will appear arc, instead of extrusion, there will be no arc on the edges of EVA sculpted products.
          4. engraving R angle grooves
          The above is the engraving method of the special EVA lining. Welcome to Dongguan jatten electronic processing EVA lining, custom EVA lining, EVA inner support.
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