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          Production process of irregular EVA lining

          Popularity:4019Publication time:2018-4-14
          The special EVA lining is also the EVA lining of the packaging material. The special-shaped fingers can produce the inner lining according to different requirements. As a medium and high end packing auxiliary material EVA lining, easy to process, can protect the product is not damaged, when the EVA lining and the product with the product, has the ability to make the product instantly upscale function, often used as a valuables packaging material.
          The production process of EVA lining is also varied. Special-shaped EVA lining customization process: get customer's demand information -- typesetting -- drawing, programming -- carving -- Segmentation -- printing mark -- finishing packaging.
          As a new environment-friendly packaging product, the special-shaped EVA lining has the advantages of innocuity, harmlessness, no water absorption, moisture-proof and fire prevention. EVA lining is customized products, can do simple punching and sticking molding, also can be carved with CNC carving machine, more according to the requirements to make various types of units, line cutting molding, processing methods have plane carving, embossing, multi face carving and so on, can be produced according to the requirements of customers, to meet the different needs of customers.
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