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          What are the material classifications of the EVA lining?

          Popularity:3940Publication time:2018-4-13
          The EVA lined product is placed in a box, and needs memory to carry out another package. The product can protect the box from damage. EVA lined by EVA raw materials, masterbatch, foaming agent and the foaming by high temperature. The common functions of EVA lining include: fireproof function, EVA lining, anti-static EVA lining, shockproof EVA lining and so on. EVA lining is often used in cars, electronics, engineering buildings, insulation, industry, packaging, culture and sports industries.
          The material of EVA lining is varied, and different materials are made into different EVA products.
          1. high / low density, high / low density, environmental protection EVA, black, white and color.
          2. obturator type EVA, 28 degrees, 33 degrees, 42 degrees, 38.
          3. pass EVA, 25, 38.
          EVA lining has the advantages of nontoxic, tasteless, corrosion-resistant, antirust, tasteless, wear-resistant, waterproof, colorful and easy to process. It is popular in many products industry which needs to be packaged, and is deeply loved by the consumers in Hiroshima.
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