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          The best choice of -EVA lining for packing lining

          Popularity:3628Publication time:2018-4-13
          Packing lining is when we carry out carton packaging, wood packaging, or other packaging products, in order to prevent the product from being damaged or deformed in the packaging, a lining is placed inside. The lining of the package can be a foam, or plastic, or other products. Packaging industry in the current market can be described in various ways, in the face of the variety of products now, packing box lining has played a great role in today's introduction of a liner called EVA lining.
          EVA lining is a finished EVA liner made of environmentally friendly EVA materials, and EVA lining is used to package products in many industries, such as common digital product shell structure, furniture sealing, automobile and household appliances assembly, electronic product packaging and other industries. The EVA lining itself has the advantages of good softness, shockproof, skid resistance, strong pressure resistance, fire prevention and so on.
          Packing box lining to use EVA lining, it is in the real sense to protect the product, fine processing makes it indirectly to the product added points, so that the consumer's favor. The EVA liner is harmless, harmless and easy to process. It can make any shape processing and achieve the national standard of packaging material.
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