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          Environmental protection EVA lining for Dongguan jieteng Electronics

          Popularity:3774Publication time:2018-4-12
          EVA lining is a new type of packaging product made of EVA as raw material. It has antistatic, flame retardancy and Aseismic Properties. EVA liner commonly used specifications are 1M*2M, 1.2M*2.4M, 1M*3M, 1.5M*3M, Dongguan jieteng electronic acceptable customer specification and requirements. It can be split into different thickness and processed into different shapes of products. Environmental protection EVA lining for Dongguan jieteng electronics, has the following advantages:
          1. focus on packaging industry for 11 years
          * to provide customers with different kinds of different materials and densities of different materials and products. The products are suitable for the packaging of electronic, plastic, food, clothing and other products.
          * kalex products through the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, in line with the EU ROHS directive, to ensure product quality
          2. EVA materials imported and accords with international standards
          * safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic EVA materials, which do not add any harmful or toxic substances to human body, can be degraded, and can be environmentally friendly.
          * the product is highly stretchable, elastic, pressed, no deformation, and easy to damage. It has high density, smooth and fine surface and good fluidity.
          3. advanced processing equipment and process
          * with advanced equipment and strong technical strength, we have well-equipped, powerful and timely delivery.
          * focus on process: dustproof trimming burrs -- two times dust removal -- packaging.
          4. perfect after-sale service system
          * one to one service, barrier free communication
          * the company has exclusive transport freight cars, which has high delivery efficiency and fast delivery.
          The environmental protection EVA lining looks for Jay electronics in Dongguan, providing all kinds of sponge products, EVA products, pearl cotton products and flocking products, adhesive products, etc. Chen 13556655911 official website is http://www.wingchungeeks.com/.
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