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          What is the EVA lining?

          Popularity:3645Publication time:2018-4-12
          In fact, it is a kind of packaging material used to package products, which can prevent products from accident or other things. It is made of EVA raw material, color mother, foaming agent and so on. We can often see that the EVA lining can be seen in the packaging of some products, such as packaging liners, precision instruments, and electronic instruments. The product can be prevented from damage.
          As a new kind of environmental protection foamed material, EVA inner lining has many advantages, such as earthquake resistance, heat insulation, moisture proof and good buffering effect. It has a good sound insulation effect, so it has a very wide range of uses. The EVA lining has no environmental protection EVA lining and environmental protection EVA lining. It has various color EVA lining and all kinds of EVA lining. It has the function of anti static and fire protection. As a packaging material, EVA lining has become the choice of many industries with its unique advantages.
          Insulation: EVA lining resistant to cold and exposure
          Corrosion resistance: EVA lining can resist chemical corrosion such as seawater, grease, acid and alkali.
          Shockproof: the EVA lining has good shockproof and cushioning performance. Its resilience and tensile strength are very high, and its toughness is stronger than other packaging materials.
          Sound insulation: the EVA liner is sealed with foam holes, so the sound insulation effect is very good.
          Processability: EVA liner is small in density, resilient, soft and easy to process.
          Water resistance: EVA lining is better than sponge lining, and it has a characteristic of no water absorption and good water resistance.
          As a leader in packaging materials industry, EVA lining is a necessary material for packaging products. Dongguan jieteng electronics is specialized in the production of EVA lining, welcome new and old customers call advisory. Chen 13556655911
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