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          Special product packaging design considerations

          Popularity:3498Publication time:2018-4-10

          The packaging box has made native products the preferred choice for modern people. The art of packing boxes is often respected by modern people. The exquisitely gifted box will also increase the value of the gift, and the value of a beautifully boxed gift and a gift without a box will be different. Therefore, we have to pay attention to several aspects when designing packaging boxes.
          1. The design of the box cannot be used to damage the material of the gift. Those materials that are contaminated and irritating will not only damage the built-in gifts, but also endanger the health and safety of the recipient.
          2. The design of the box should not hinder the use of the gift. Try not to change the original structure of the gift during the box. To use easy-to-open boxes, for food items that are prone to deteriorating, it is important to remember not to degrade the inner food because of the box.
          3. If it is presented by mail or carried on a long-distance basis, it must be noted that the packing box is firm, wear-resistant, and even requires waterproofing.
          4. When carrying a gift by means of transport, the length of the packing box should be wide, high and the structure should be portable.
          5. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the use of any form of packaging box will not destroy the original product description or profile.
          6, color and pattern are the basic elements of the box, but also the basic style of the box. Different countries and regions or nationalities have different preferences and taboos on colors and patterns due to differences in social systems, religious beliefs, customs and customs (gift color taboos). If China considers yellow to be a symbol of dignity, Venezuela and Germany also compare favorably to yellow, while the former Soviet Union regards yellow as an auspicious symbol, and France and Malaysian people are also jealous of yellow; in terms of patterns, the elephant is also considered as the god of Thailand. Things have become taboos in the United Kingdom; the pattern of pigs is absolutely unacceptable in Arab countries; the United States regards bats as a symbol of terror and death. Therefore, in the color of the box, it must not be ignored, especially for foreign friends.

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