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          How to choose the material of the gift box

          Popularity:3563Publication time:2018-4-10

              In the selection of high-end gift box materials, paper containers still occupy the leading position, and the proportions of cortex, wood, plastic, and metal materials have increased compared to the past. Natural materials such as bamboo, willow, and grass are still rarely used. For some high-end gifts there are wood for packaging materials. Flashes its natural and civilized temperament. Take the red wine box as an example. In the planning of the wine packaging box, it was based on the characteristics of the village and the dense red wine civilization. In the wine packaging box plan, many wooden materials were used to make wine packaging boxes, and straw was added to the inner box of red wine to enhance the matte. Raw wine bottle. The characteristics of the densely populated village civilization are reflected. The harmony between wine package planning and wine culture was achieved.

              The carton in the paper container occupies a certain advantage. According to the different levels of gifts, there are also differences in the selection of materials: 1. Low-grade gift packaging carton: a. Use 350 g or more of white cardboard to print the film, die-cutting . b. Some of the more upscale ones use 300 grams of white paperboard to paste paper cards for printing, laminating, and die-cutting. 2. Mid-range gift wrap carton: Print surface with more than 250 grams -300 grams of dominating foil paperboard and 300 grams of dominating whiteboard paper affixed into cardboard, printing film and then die-cutting

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