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          Gift box packaging manufacturers how to product positioning

          Popularity:3371Publication time:2018-4-10
          Gift packaging needs to be positioned according to the needs of consumers. Successful merchandise packaging and decorating designs can appeal to people. One important aspect is the use of psychological influences. The same product, the same packaging and decoration form, the only difference is the configuration of color, it will often make consumers have different psychological effects, and produce different choices. For example, some products are determined to sell children, but children's products are generally purchased by their parents or elders. Therefore, children's products should not only be attractive to children, but also consider the psychological factors when parents choose their products for their children. At present, when designing a series of products for children abroad, it is considered that parents always hope that their children will receive more education through various channels, and they can do it better, often printing some knowledge on the packaging. Sexual and interesting stories, although these contents are not related to the product, can cut parents' attention to develop children's intelligence.
          "Location design" is a product of product competition. The design is to study how to break through the existing packaging and decoration forms and levels of competitors. If other people's product packaging highlights the place of origin and the place of production is its superior factor, then one must highlight the advantages of other aspects of the product, especially those that the competitors do not have. This is the focus of work and the design method of choosing a positioning.
          Innovation, seeking beauty, and seeking change are people's common mentality. In popular terms, it is the psychology of pursuing freshness. People are becoming more interested in traditional style packaging after they have used the modern style of packaging. Hong Kong and Macao compatriots have always welcomed packaging and decoration with auspicious meanings. "Fuk, Lu, Shou and Yan" are all good forms that they can never afford to wear. It can be seen how to grasp consumer psychology has become one of the characteristics of modern commodity packaging and decorating design. The first of modern food packaging design is to study consumers and study consumer psychology. All blindness should be avoided before designing, and design plans should be drawn up based on reality.
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