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          Can EVA lining be used as toolbox?

          Popularity:4515Publication time:2019-7-31

          EVA lining can be made into a toolbox. Today, EVA lining editor gives you a brief introduction to the EVA lining of the toolbox.

          The toolbox EVA lining is also called foam lining. Toolbox lining is used to protect foam of tools in the toolbox. Its material is made of eva. It mainly prevents tool scratching, rusting and can play many roles such as corrosion resistance, aging resistance, shock resistance, moisture resistance, beauty, lightweight, etc. Toolbox EVA lining materials can be divided into: low density eva, high density eva, environmentally friendly non-toxic eva,. Fire eva, anti-static EVA and so on. Conventional density ranges from 25p to 50p in black, white and color. Eva liner thickness ranges from 10 mm to 80 mm. Positive and negative tolerances are 0.5 mm. Size can be determined by box size. Production process: Stamping or carving, lining surface can also be fitted or flocked, so that the handle is more beautiful, high-grade. Widely used in beauty and hairdressing, jewelry watches, instruments, electronics, communications, automation, sensors, smart cards, industrial control, precision machinery and other industries, is the ideal inner lining of high-end instruments.

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