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          What kinds of EVA lining can be classified?

          Popularity:4566Publication time:2019-6-19

          It is made of EVA raw materials, colour masterbatch, foaming agent etc. by high temperature foaming. From the foaming point of view, there are environmental protection coarse porous EVA, ordinary EVA, food grade tasteless environmental protection EVA, fire prevention EVA and anti-static EVA. EVA sheet can be processed into EVA bracket, EVA tray and EVA lining. In terms of hardness, there are EVA linings with common hardness of 38 degrees, slightly hardness of 50 degrees and hardness of 70 degrees. In terms of performance, there are ordinary environmentally friendly EVA lining, fire-proof EVA lining and anti-static EVA lining. In terms of color, there are black EVA lining, white EVA lining and color EVA lining. In addition, some are called EVA inner box, EVA tray and so on.



          EVA lining, EVA tray from the use of knife die stamping to modern computer cutting, with knife die stamping, some stamping process, some manual pasting.

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