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          Why can EVA foam make toys?

          Popularity:4419Publication time:2019-6-5

          Why are more and more children's toys made of EVA material? For example, the colorful building blocks and alphanumeric puzzles played by children are all made of EVA material. Why choose this material?

          EVA material was introduced into China in 1970. It is widely used in light industry because of its soft quality, easy transportation, safety performance, waterproof and anti-fading characteristics. The toys made of EVA material have good softness and elasticity, and the surface gloss and chemical stability are also very good. They are anti-aging, ozone-resistant, non-toxic, and very good environmental protection materials. The EVA assembled toys are made of new environmentally friendly plastic foaming materials, which are made by multi-channel technology. The EVA assembled toys have many advantages, such as safety, intelligence, environmental protection, softness and durability. EVA building blocks belong to cork wood, they will not hurt children, and they are no longer afraid that the baby will be scratched or hurt the gums when eating toys.

          EVA color assembled toys made of EVA material have the characteristics of light weight, non-fading and non-leakage, and because of their special properties, they will not cause a large degree of deformation under high temperature, blisters and kneading. Moreover, the building block toys produced are non-toxic, harmless, soft, waterproof, non-fading, elastic, and are the safest, convenient and high-quality light industrial raw materials in modern times. EVA can be manufactured into products of different specifications and shapes. The surface can also be silk-printed to customers'needs. There are many colors and hardness for customers to choose.

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